Chronic diseases

The present dossier provides information on the topic of discrimination of people who suffer from chronic diseases. In addition to daily restrictions, people with chronic diseases experience social-exclusion as well. Contrary to disabilities, chronic diseases are not explicitly mentioned in the German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). In 2013 BUG supported the lawsuit of a HIV-positive person before the Federal Labour Court. You can learn more about this topic here.

Diseases, chronic diseases and disabilities are conceptualized separately. In addition to the lasting health constraints experienced by those suffering from a chronic disease, affected individuals may also run the risk of being stigmatized. In such a case, a chronically ill person is restricted not by the chronic disease itself, but by the stigma attached to this disease regarding social participation.

People with chronic diseases can encounter discrimination in different areas of life, for instance in the workplace, insurance, health care, or in access to housing.

Various legal provisions in national law, European Union law, and international law aim to eliminate and prevent discrimination due to health restrictions and in particular due to chronic diseases.

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