Discrimination on grounds of a chronic disease

The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) lists disability as a basis for discrimination, but not chronic diseases. The recitals of the underlying EU directive make it clear that the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) cannot be linked with the definition of severe disability as used under German Law. Thus, each and every disability (including mild forms of disability) should be regarded as a disability within the meaning of the AGG.

Minor interpellation on the subject

The Left Party parliamentary group submitted a minor interpellation to the Bundestag regarding the social integration of HIV-positive persons on 20 September 2011 (Bundestag Gazette 17/7049 - German).

In another minor interpellation (Bundestag Gazette 17/9563 - German) from 8 May 2012, the Left Party challenged the federal government to expand protection against discrimination to persons with chronic illnesses.

Current cases

Currently, BUG does not support any lawsuits regarding chronic diseases in employment.

Closed cases

Here you will find detailed information on the case of a young man who had been dismissed due to his HIV infection during his probationary period. BUG supported him legally in every instance of the legal proceedings.