To clarify, strengthen and expand the non-discrimination legislation and the contained legal concepts, the creation of precedents for achieving legal certainty, as well as the influence on political decision-making in the field of protection against discrimination, BUG supports strategic lawsuits against discrimination and uses the results of these lawsuits for public relations and advocacy work.
BUG supports precedent–setting lawsuits against discrimination in order to provide case law in the anti-discrimination field and to identify any gaps in the current legislation.

For 2020 these are the following areas:

- Religious discrimination

- Racial/Ethnic Profiling conducted by the German Federal Police

- Discrimination in access to housing

- Discrimination of Sinti and Roma people

- Discrimination of trans people

We would particularly appreciate to support lawsuits of people with Sinte and Romani background. In this regard we have published a detailed fact sheet.

In addition, BUG carries out advocacy and public relations work in order to transfuse developments of strategic litigation back into society. Furthermore, through position papers and opinions on draft legislation, policy developments and plans of the federal government, the experience and the results of the lawsuits will be brought into the policy area and legal and socio-political developments in the anti-discrimination field will be influenced.
BUG works closely with other actors who stand up against discrimination, both in the strategic management process as well as in advocacy work. The activities, expertise and networks of various organizations should complement each other, so as to achieve a maximum impact in the fight against discrimination.

A more detailed description of the activities for the period 2018 - 2020 provides the Strategic Plan for this period:

Strategic Plan 2018 - 2020 (only available in German)

Summary of the Strategic Plan 2018 - 2020

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