Support by BUG

BUG is a non-governmental organisation that relies on external funding in order to carry out its work. BUG has set a framework in its Strategic Plan in which it operates. Before contacting us, please check whether you have the impression that your case actually fits into the strategic and thematic framework of BUG. BUG cannot provide general advice on discrimination. If you need advice in this regard, we recommend that you get in touch with an anti-discrimination agency in your area or the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency.

Before asking for our legal help, we request that you read our information carefully. Please also go through this checklist before contacting BUG!

اضغط هنا،BUG للمزيد من المعلومات باللغة العربية حول القائمة المرجعية لمكتب تطبيق المساواة في المعاملة

What can you expect from BUG

If BUG decides to support your lawsuit, a competent attorney will be brought in. Responsibility for the costs of a lawyer depends on your individual financial situation. This should be discussed with BUG.

To meet the deadline of two months for a discrimination lawsuit, BUG will decide within two weeks after receiving a specific request if and in what form your case will be supported. 

If you have a right to legal aid, the attorney will take care of the application procedure. Should you not be protected by legal-expenses insurance (private or through membership in a union), BUG will decide after examining your case whether the costs can be covered by BUG’s Legal Assistance Fund.

Before, during and after litigation BUG strives for good communication and positive results. For that reason, BUG will be in regular contact with you and the lawyer. The exact conditions of the collaboration will be clarified in a co-operation agreement between BUG and the client.

What you cannot expect from BUG

BUG is not an anti-discrimination office and does not provide general advice in cases of discrimination. If you are looking for general advice, please contact an anti-discrimination agency in your area or the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency.

BUG has set specific working priorities and long-term objectives. To the greatest possible extent, we will only agree to support lawsuits in court which correspond to these focuses. BUG cannot accept actions beyond this focal point.

Since BUG is exclusively focused on strategic cases, we can only support lawsuits that have a strategic value. BUG will make a detailed examination of your case and inform you about its decision as soon as possible, within two weeks at the latest.

Privacy Policy

Since BUG supports cases with the goal of further developing case law, it is necessary to carry out public relations work relating to the complaints. In so doing, we usually make reference to the discriminatory situation being litigated in court. This means that the complaints supported by BUG will become public. We can, if you wish, replace the complainant’s name with a pseudonym or make it anonymous. It is nonetheless possible that a certain degree of publicity surrounding the case might appear, which BUG will not be able to keep at bay entirely. Should this present a problem, we ask that you kindly discuss this with us at an early stage.

، اضغط هنا ،BUG للمزيد من المعلومات باللغة العربية حول الخدمات التي يقدمها مكتب تطبيق المساواة في المعاملة