Anti-discrimination agencies

National advice centres

The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency


Anti-Discrimination Network - Reutlingen Tübingen Region

Office for Equal Opportunities Heidelberg

Anti-Discrimination Agency Karlsruhe

Network for Equal Treatment in Freiburg



BEFORE - counselling centre for people confronted by right-wing and racist violence and discrimination


Berlin and Brandenburg

Berlin State Office for Equal Treatment and Against Discrimination - the Berlin Senate for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs

State Association for Self-Help Berlin e.V.

Contact Point for Protection from Discrimination at Schools (ADAS)

Anti-Discrimination Network Berlin, Turkish Association of Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB)

Association for Anti-Discrimination Work and Education in the Federal Republic of Germany e.V. (BDB)

Opferperspektive e.V. - Mobile Counseling for Victims of Racist Discrimination

State Office for Equality of Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination - Brandenburg Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family Affairs



Anti-Discrimination in Employment and Working Life (DGB / VHS) e.V.



Basis and Woge - Counseling, Help, Perspectives

Amira - Counseling in Cases of Discrimination on Grounds of (ascribed) Ethnic Background and Religious Affiliation

Read - Counseling regarding the Right to Freedom from Discrimination for all Genders and Sexual Orientations



City of Frankfurt am Main: Anti-Discrimination Unit in the Office of Multicultural Affairs (AmkA)

ADiBE Network Hesse - Anti-Discrimination Counseling in the Educational Institution Anne Frank

Lower Saxony

Anti-Discrimination Office of IBIS (Intercultural Center for Research, Documentation, Training and Consulting e.V.)

Anti-Discrimination Agency of the State Capital Hanover

North Rhine-Westphalia

Anti-Racism Information Center, ARIC NRW e.V.

Anti-Discrimination Office Cologne eV / Public Against Violence

Office for Equality in Aachen (Pedagogical Centre e.V.)


Rhineland - Palatinate

Anti-Discrimination Agency of Rhineland-Palatinate - Department of Anti-Discrimination and Diversity

Network "Rhineland-Palatinate - Free from Discrimination" c/o QueerNet RLP e.V.


Saar Counseling Network against Discrimination



Anti-Discrimination Office Saxony



Anti-Discrimination Network Saxony-Anhalt



State Agency of Schleswig-Holstein for Anti-Discrimination