On 2nd September 2013 BUG was awarded with the „Wirkt-Siegel", a seal of quality by PHINEO, for its exemplary work.The association’s approach of action is to support legal test cases in order to achieve equal treatment. BUG assists young men who have been rejected from entering leisure facilities due to their ethnic categorisation to assert their rights.

The non-profit analyst firm PHINEO has tested charitable organisations working against racism and right-wing extremism in Germany on their effectiveness in cooperation with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. The assessment was based on the analysis which approaches sustainably work against right-wing attitudes, everyday racism and misanthropic behaviour: Which approaches promise success? How do you recognise professionally working projects? And what are best-practice examples?

The result of the analysis was that 17 organisations obtained the „Wirkt-Siegel“ for their outstanding work. BUG is one of them.

Bureau for the Implementation of Equal Treatment supports people who have been discriminated against and decided to take legal action. In particular, BUG provides assistance in cases of strategic value. Moreover, the association undertakes advocacy activities. Especially the support of young people that have been repeatedly rejected from clubs owing to their ethnic categorisation has been examined carefully. Furthermore, BUG’s development of suggestions in order to prevent this form of discrimination has been included in the evaluation.

Awarding this prize, PHINEO campaigns for more support and long-term promotion of charitable projects. The prevention of discrimination requires a strong civil society that is consistently committed to its work. The seal of quality affirms that the chosen projects are greatly effective and transparent. It reveals to donors and supporters that their money is ideally invested.