The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) is based on the EU Equal Treatment Directives. The European Commission has the task to examine whether the EU countries have implemented their national legislation in due time and in a reasonable way. This is governed by Article 258 of the Lisbon Treaty. In the first round of examining the adequate implementation ('according to Section 258 Communication'), the European Commission writes to the respective member states and names possible deficiencies in the implementation.

In a second step ('reasoned opinion'), the European Commission assesses whether the information submitted by the member state comply with the Directive standards and if they are adequately transposed into the national legislation.

Concerning the implementation of the EU Equal Treatment Directives, the Commission has sent requests to the federal government of Germany about the interpretation of the AGG by taking the steps mentioned above. Here you will find the communication between the European Commission and the Federal Government regarding the

Racial Equality Directive

- Employment Equality Framework Directive

Gender Equality Directive