BUG at a glance


Name, location, year of founding

Bureau for the Implementation of Equal Treatment (BUG)

Place: 10405 Berlin

Adress: Greifswalder Str. 4

Founded: 18th April 2009

The Bureau for the Implementation of Equal Treatment is a charitable association.


Statutes and information on the objectives of the BUG

Our statutes 

Our objectives


Information on the tax concession

The latest notice of exemption by the tax office of Berlin issued on 13 November 2019 exempts BUG from the corporate tax according to § 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 KStG as well as the trade tax in accordance with § 3 Nr. 6 GewStG, as the association exclusively and directly pursues tax-privileged and charitable goals in terms of §§ 51 ff. AO.

Here you can access the notice of exemption. (only available in German)

Furthermore, the notification concerning the compliance with statutory requirements can be found here.

Names and function of relevant decision makers

The board conducts the affairs of the association. Mr. Rainer Nickel PhD is the Chairperson of the board.

Mr. Alexander Tischbirek PhD is holding the position of the Deputy Chairperson. Ms. Clara Hofmann serves as the treasurer.

The last registration into the Charlottenburg district court Register of Associations was carried out on 12th February 2013.


The members of the BUG


Activity reports

BUG submits annual activity reports to its Board and members (only available in German).

Activity report 2023

Activity report 2022

Activity report 2021

Activity report 2020

Activity report 2019

Activity report 2018

Activity report 2017

Activity report 2016

Activity report 2015

Activity report 2014

Activity report 2013

Activity report 2012

Activity report 2011

Activity report 2010

Activity report 2009

(only available in German)


Staff structure

The majority of BUG’s staff works on a voluntary basis. Some of them do an internship.


Information on the sources and application of funding

Financial report 2021

Audit of the internal auditor 2021 

Financial report 2020

Audit of the internal auditor 2020

Financial report 2019

Audit of the internal auditor 2019

Financial report 2018

Audit of the internal auditor 2018

Financial report 2017

Audit of the internal auditor 2017

Financial report 2016

Audit of the internal auditor 2016

Financial report 2015

Audit of the internal auditor 2015

Financial report 2014

Audit of the internal auditor 2014

Financial report 2013

Audit of the internal auditor 2013

Financial report 2012

Audit of the internal auditor 2012

Financial report 2011

Audit of the internal auditor 2011

Financial report 2010

Audit of the internal auditor 2010

Financial report 2009

Audit of the internal auditor 2009

(only available in German)


Data Protection

Here you can read our data protection declaration (only available in German).


Association with others

BUG works in a field which requires close communication and cooperation with associations of people who are affected by discrimination. These are mainly national associations representing the interests of the groups mentioned in the AGG, but also trade unions, religious organisations and all organisations working in the field of equal treatment and protection against discrimination. BUG’s networking is aiming for strengthening mutual interests without causing competitive situations.

In August 2013 the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN) granted consultative status to the BUG. We are now enabled to actively participate in UN-committees working in the field of equal treatment and non-discrimination. This has been confirmed by ECOSOC's quadrennial reports published on Januar 29th, 2018.

In January 2015 BUG has become a legally recognised association which can support and file lawsuits within the scope of §13 section 3 of the German equality act for people with disabilities.

BUG has been supported by several foundations since its formation. Current donors can be found here.