Are you unaffiliated with any religion or belong to one other than the Christian faith?

Have you applied for a position in a church-related institution (Caritas or Diakonie) that officially required a membership in a Christian church in its tender? Had the respective activity no specific reference to the exercise of faith? Have you not been invited for an interview or been rejected and have the impression that this was due to your non-Christian religious affiliation or not being affiliated to any religion?

Have you not been considered in an application process due to wearing a headscarf?

In these cases discrimination within the scope of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) might have occurred.

If you are considering legal action against this, we would be happy to advise you on how to proceed.

Current cases

At the moment BUG does not support any cases of discrimination on grounds of religion that fall within the scope of the AGG. However, BUG is currently providing legal support in a case of religious discrimination during a legal clerkship. This falls within the scope of administrative law.

Closed cases

Here you can learn more about the case of a social pedagogue who had filed a lawsuit against her potential Catholic employer.