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Discrimination protection for people with chronic diseases

Anti -Discrimination Agency: Questions and answers on discrimination protection for chronically ill people.

Anti -Discrimination Agency: Protection against discrimination due to chronic disease.

Office for disability issues: Equality Act 2010. Guidance on matters to be taken into account in determining questions relating to the definition of disability.

UCB Pharma GmbH: Social Legal information for people with chronic diseases and their relatives.

People with HIV / AIDS

Herrmann, Ute ; Vierneisel , Carolin : "positive vote" - the PLHIV Stigma Index in Germany : the women-specific results.

People with schizophrenia

Open the doors: international program to combat stigma Schizophrenia.

People with overweight / obesity

Company against weight discrimination: tenure despite obesity.

Judgment of the Court, 18.12.2014. Karsten Kaltoft against Kommunernes Landsforening, acting on behalf of Billund Municipality.

People with diabetes

Raemy , Annabelle ; Gredig , Daniel : discrimination and stigma experiences of people with diabetes in Switzerland.

People with epilepsy

Epilepsy Project "Building Bridges" (2012): Work and epilepsy. What should I know as an employee?

Epilepsy can be treated easily, info page of UCB Pharma GmbH