So far, the topic of institutional discrimination in Germany remains largely unaddressed.

Institutional discrimination in the police, for example, manifests itself in the systematic negation of a racist motivation behind acts such as those subject to the NSU murders investigation. In another dossier you will find recommendations on how institutional discrimination can be dealt with by the police.

The Macpherson Inquiry Report analysed the behaviour of the British police during the investigation of the racially motivated murder of Stephen Lawrence and formulated 70 recommendations for the British police.

State institutions in the UK have equal treatment obligations. These are obligations imposed on state institutions to examine how their decisions affect people protected under the Equality Act. This is a strategy for the prevention of discrimination.

So far, institutional discrimination is hardly recognized at school. In order to better deal with institutional discrimination in school, in Spring 2016 the model project 'complaint management' has started to offer complaint possibilities to persons who experience discrimination in school.