A) Institutional discrimination in the police

a) NSU Committee of Inquiry

1) Deutscher Bundestag: Recommendations of the NSU Committee of Inquiry (German only)

2) Deutscher Bundestag, 17th electoral term, Bundestag Journal (Drucksache) 17/14600: Recommendations and Report of the 2nd NSU Committee of Inquiry according to Article 44 of the Basic Law, 22.08.2013 (German only)

3) Deutscher Bundestag, 18th electoral term, Bundestag Journal (Drucksache) 18/558: Affirmation of Recommendations of the Final Report of the 2nd NSU Committee of Inquiry of the 17th electoral period, 19.02.2014 (German only)

4) Deutscher Bundestag: Law on the Implementation of Recommendations of the NSU. Committee of Inquiry of the German Bundestag, 01.08.2015 (German only)

5) Federal Ministry of the Interior and Federal Ministry of Justice and for Consumer Protection: Report of the Federal Government on the State of Implementation of the Recommendations of the 2nd NSU Committee of Inquiry of the German Bundestag in the 17th electoral period (German only)

b) Metropolitan Police (Großbritannien)

1) House of Commons: Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report - ten years on, 2009

2) Home Office: Diversity Strategy 2013-2016. Making the Most of Our Diversity, 2013

3) Home Office: 3 Year Diversity Strategy 2010-13 Progress Report, 2013

c) Miscellaneous

1) Commission against Racism and Intolerance – ECRI: Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination: Tackling racism in the police, Doc. 13384, 10 Januar 2014

2) CERD Report on Germany, 15.05.2015

3) Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte (German Institute for Human Rights): Study on racial profiling – Personal checks according to § 22 (1a) Federal Police Law 2013 (German only)

4) Judgment of the Stuttgart Administrative Court on personal checks without any suspicion (Az. 1 K 5060/13), 22.10.2015 (German only)

5) Decision of the European Court of Justice in der "Melki" and "Abdeli" case (C-188/10 und C-189/10) , 22.06.2010

6) Decision of the ECJ in the  "Melki" und "Abdeli" case (C-188/10 und C-189/10), 22.06.2010 (German only)


B) Institutional discrimination in education

1) Heinrich Böll Foundation: School with migration background, 2008 (German/English)

2) Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes (Federal Anti- Discrimination Agency): Discrimination in education and working life, 2nd joint report of the Federal Anti- Discrimination Agency and the concerned Federal Government and Parliamentary  Commissioners, July 2013 (German only)

3) Life e.V., ADAS - Anlaufstelle für Antidiskriminierung und Diversity an Schulen (contact point for protection against dicrimination and diversity in schools)

4) Federal Ministry of Education and Research: Transition from primary to elementary school, equal performance assessment and regional, social and ethno-cultural disparities, Mai 2010 (German only)

5) German PISA consortium: Pisa 2006 in Germany. The competences of adolescents Kompetenzen der Jugendlichen in the third inter-country comparison (German only)

6) RAA Berlin/RomnoKher/Madhouse: Bildungsaufbruch! Für die gleichberechtigte Teilhabe von Sinti und Roma in Deutschland (German only)


C) Public Sector Equality Duties

1) What´s the public sector equality duty?

2) Equality and Human Rights Commission: What is the Equality Duty?