Hate Crime

The following dossier offers information on the subject of hate-motivated crime. The concept of hate-motivated crime originates in the United States, where the term ‘hate crime’ is used. In a German-speaking context, the terms ‘hate crime’ (Hasskriminalität) and ‘hate-motivated crime’ (hassmotivierte Kriminalität) are used. We have opted for the expression ‘hate-motivated crime’ for the purposes of this dossier.


This dossier will offer you some insights into the phenomenon of hate-motivated crime. We will present a definition of hate-motivated crime and describe the phenomenon of hate-motivated crimes. Moreover, you will find information about relevant legislation and the role played by the police and the courts in sanctioning hate-motivated crimes. We will also present examples and experiences from efforts to combat hate-motivated crimes by way of litigation in the United States and Britain, as well as at the European Court of Human Rights.

You can find a compilation of relevant materials on the subject here.

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We thank Paula Dannenberg and Teresa Schlögl for issuing this dossier.