Here you can access studies and reports on ethnic profiling:


  • German Institute for Human Rights (2013): Study 'Racial Profiling – Menschenrechtswidrige Personenkontrollen nach § 22 Abs. 1 a Bundespolizeigesetz. Empfehlungen an den Gesetzgeber, Gerichte und Polizei'

Great Britain

  • Riots Communities and Victims Panel (2012): 5 Days in August -  an Interim Report on the 2011 English Riots
  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2013): Report 'Viewed with Suspicion. The Human Cost of Stop and Search in England and Wales'


  • Migrant Rights Centre Irland (2011): Singled Out - Exploratory study on ethnic profiling in Ireland and its impact on migrant workers and their families.


  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2009): Profiling Minorities  - a Study of Stop-and-Search Practices in Paris
  • Human Rights Watch (2012): Report 'The Root of Humiliation – Abusive Identity Checks in France'
  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2013): Report 'Equality Betrayed: The Impact of Ethnic Profiling in France' 


  • Amnesty International (2011): Study 'Stop Racism not People – Racial profiling and Immigration Control in Spain'
  • Institut de Drets Humans (2013): Study ,Identificación policial por perfil étnico en España. Informe sobre experiencias y actitudes en relación con las actuaciones policiales'


  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2011): Fact Sheet 'The problem of Ethnic Profiling in Europe'
  • European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (2010): Towards More Effective Policing Understanding and Preventing Discriminatory Ethnic Profiling: A Guide
  • European Network Against Racism/Open Society Justice Initiative (2009): ENAR Fact Sheet 40 – Ethnic Profiling
  • European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (2021): Paper - Police stops in Europe: everyone has a right to equal treatment

Publications on the issue:

  • Schicht, Günter (2013): Article 'Racial Profiling bei der Polizei in Deutschland - Bildungsbedarf? Beratungsresistenz?'. In: ZEP '13 (Ed.)
  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2009): Report 'Ethnic Profiling in the European Union: Pervasive, Ineffective, and Discriminatory'
  • Dossier on ethnic profiling in the Swiss context
  • European Network Against Racism (2011): ENAR Shadow Report 2009 - 2010. Supplemental report: Ethnic profiling in Germany
  • Amnesty International (2014): Racial/ethnic profiling - Positionspapier zu menschenrechtswidrigen Personenkontrollen
  • Amnesty International USA (2004): Publication 'Threat and humiliation. Racial profiling, domestic security and human rights in the United States'