Here you can find newspaper articles on ethnic profiling:

  • Migazin article on experiences with ethnic profiling (German)
  • Publikative article on ethnic profiling and the principle of equality (German)
  • Publikative article on ethnic profiling as institutional racism (German)
  • Publikative article on ethnic profiling as a permissible police method (German)
  • Telepolis article by Michael Plöse on racist search criteria (German)
  • DeutscheAnwaltauskunft article on an ethnic profiling case in Kassel (German)
  • An interview with Tahir Della of ISD, conducted by MiGazin (German)
  • Column by James A. Goldston, published in The Guardian: ‘Ethnic profiling tarnishes the EU’  

Here you can access articles and opinions on the judgment of the Administrative Court Coblenz:

  • Spiegel Online article: 'Reisende dürfen wegen ihrer Hautfarbe kontrolliert werden’
  • Article by Alexander Klose on Deutsche Welle: 'Fahndung nach Hautfarbe?'
  • Press release by the MRBB and KOP-Berlin: 'Racial Profiling’ von Koblenzer Gericht als rechtmäßig erklärt'
  • Press release by the campaign for the victims of racist police violence, Berlin (KOP): Rassistische Wirklichkeit: VG Koblenz erlaubt polizeiliche Personenkontrollen nach Hautfarbe
  • Press release of the administrative court Coblenz: Identitätsfeststellung eines Zugreisenden
  • Article on 'Polizeiliche Kontrolle in Zügen: Verdächtige Hautfarbe' 

Press review regarding the hearing at the Higher Administrative Court Rhineland-Palatinate:

Political developments:

  • Resolution of the Baden-Württemberg Green Party regarding the intercultural competence of the police.
  • Ethnic profiling is addressed on page seven of the Green Party’s September 2011 resolution on security policy.
  • The Left Party (Fraktion die Linke) in the Hamburg Bürgerschaft has initiated a 'campaign for fundamental rights' which deals with topics such as police and constitution protection. Here you can learn more about their work on racial profiling.
  • The Collectif Contre Le Contrôle au faciès provides a form for people that have experienced racial profiling in France. It is to be used as a documentation of the performed identity check and basis for a potential lawsuit. Moreover, the association conducts interviews about experiences with racially-motivated identity checks which can be found on Youtube. (all links only available in French)
  • The Federal Government responded to a minor interpellation by the Left Party regarding the elimination of skin colour as a ground for identity checks.
  • The Federal Government has published a reply to another minor interpellation by the Left Party on the topic of racial profiling.
  • The coalition agreements of the governing parties of the Thuringian Landtag include a legal ban on the practice of racial profiling, as well as awareness-raising measures concerning diversity in police trainings in order to prevent police conduct based on stereotypes.
  • The police education program of Schleswig Holstein includes awareness-raising and qualification of the employees with a focus on intercultural competence.

Links to relevant websites: