Social Security Code IX

The Social Security Code IX deals with “the rehabilitation and participation of disabled persons" and is intended to promote self-determination and equal participation of people with disabilities in life, as well as the prevention and counteraction against disadvantages.

The competences for representative action concerning the rights of persons with disabilities is regulated in § 63 of the Social Security Code (SGB) IX.

An essential prerequisite for representative action is the infringement of rights under SGB IX. It deals in particular with the rights of persons with disabilities in employment and the resulting obligations of employers.

These are, for example, the promotion of people with severe handicaps and the integration into a company or job.

Associations must, according to their statutes, represent disabled persons at federal and Länder level. Only locally working associations are thus excluded. The work of an association does not have to rely exclusively on the representation of people with disability. In addition to classic disabled persons associations, welfare associations, trade unions or anti-discrimination associations can also file a complaint in the framework of a representative action according to § 63 SGB IX.

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