In 2004, the National Office against Discrimination on the grounds of Race (UNAR) was set up in Italy. It supports the promotion of equality and the fight against ethnic discrimination. UNAR offers legal assistance to victims of discrimination by, for example, finding associations which are entitled to represent the person concerned in court.

In Italy, associations have the power to file an action in the name and on behalf of the person concerned in the case of discrimination on grounds of disability, race or ethnic origin and sex, as well as discrimination in the area of ​​work. A notarized warrant of the discriminated person must be present.

In the case of discrimination in the work area, or because of the "racial" or ethnic origin, it is also possible that associations can complain independently in cases where the discriminated persons are not clearly identifiable. A power of attorney is not necessary in these cases.

In order to be entitled to bring such a complaint, associations must be officially registered at the Ministry of Equal Opportunities with the approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.  Conditions for registration are that the associations must have existed for at least one year and have the fight against discrimination as one of their statutory objectives. The list of eligible associations has been updated in 2013 and currently includes more than 550 organizations.

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