In Austria you can get support from the Ombud for Equal Treatment if you have been discriminated against. Learn more about this possibility here.

In Austria, the Consumer Protection Act (KschG), which entered into force on 1 October 1979, serves to protect consumers from discrimination. According to § 29 KSchG, associations are able to bring complaints, demanding the observance of the Consumer Protection Act, even though they are not personally affected.

Furthermore, the association can join a lawsuit as a so-called secondary intervener, to support the enforcement of the rights of discriminated victims (§ 63 of the Austrian Equal Treatment Act (GlBG)).

The secondary intervener may her/himself conduct procedural steps, as long as they are not inconsistent with the actions of the plaintiff.

The exact procedure is regulated in § 17 of the Civil Procedure Code (ZPO) and in § 19 ZPO.

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