Homosexuality and registered partnership

Here, you will find the organization 'Homosexuality and the Church'.

The Catholic Church refuses to accept homosexuality generally. Same-sex partnerships of staff members are not acceptable to them. In a statement, the Permanent Council of the German Bishops' Conference of June 2002 stated that Catholic staff members who live in a same-sex civil partnership, violate the applicable duty of loyalty to the Catholic Church and thus this will lead to a termination of employment. A ruling on the case of a homosexual employee of a kindergarten run by the Caritas illustrates the current practice.

Based on the statement of the Pope in 2013, a homosexual who seeks God and a man of good will is one that he could not condemn: "Who am I to condemn him," the Catholic Church seems to deviate from its previous assessment seems slowly, The Vice President of the German Caritas Association has proposed the idea that homosexuality no longer qualifies as a breach of loyalty and consequently, reason for termination. However, this suggestion applies in his view only for promulgation of certain professions.

Evangelical employers accept their homosexuality staff members and see in no breach of loyalty in the choice of sexual identity.

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