Obligated Institutions

A list of named public authorities which are bound by the Northern Irish equality duties of Section 75 can be found here.

Section 75(3) (a)-(d) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 establishes what is meant by “public authority”. According to the regulation it includes any department, corporation or body listed  in Schedule 2 to the Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1967 and designated for the purposes of equality duties by the Secretary of State. Additionally it includes any body (other than the Equality Commission) listed in Schedule 2 to the Commissioner of Complaints (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 as well as any department or other authority listed in Schedule 2 to the Ombudsman (Northern Ireland) Order 1996. It also includes persons named in an order made by the Secretary of State for the purpose of the duties mentioned in Section 75. Once established as a public authority for the purpose of equality duties, the authority is bound by the legal obligations in Section 75 and obliged to fulfil them.

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