Tasks of the ECNI (Equality Commission of Northern Ireland)

The Equality Commission strengthens its public profile and awareness of its concerns through campaigns among other things. In 2012, their campaign 'Access for All - It's the Law' was launched across the UK for access and participation rights of people with disabilities.

The Equality Commission is a public institution established by the Northern Ireland Act 1998. The responsibilities of the Equality Commission include the consultation and assistance to individuals in potential lawsuits relating to anti-discrimination legislation. In addition, the Commission plays a central role in advising and guiding employers and service providers so that they carry out their duties in accordance with the law.

It is important for the work of the Commission to promote the public debate on equality, the provisions of informational material and the fight against inequalities and injustice.

Specifically, this includes the approval of equality schemes and the reporting to Parliament in case of failure to submit and action plan. Additionally, complaints may be filed against an authority at ECNI and it may initiate investigations if it considers that an authority is failing to comply with its equality duties.

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