Stop and Search

‘We recognize that disproportionality in stop and search is a real concern, not only to us, but also to black and other minority communities. To help reduce the levels of disproportionality the MPS has continually reviewed and sought to improve our performance.’


The Metropolitan Police (MPS)

Stop and Search is in various European countries over-proportionally targeting persons of colour. Such ethnic profiling in police checks at train stations, airports or in the streets can amount to institutional racism. In the Macpherson Report a number of recommendations do focus on this practice.

Recommendations below from the Macpherson Report are relevant for the German context. If this topic is of interest to you please refer also to the Dossier  ‘Ethnic Profiling’ on this website.

The Home Office provides information on its website with regards to Stop and Search. It includes information on ‘What happens if I’m stopped and searched?’, ‘What information will I need to provide?’ and ‘Can I complain about being stopped and searched?

The Human Rights Commission of the UK has published a report on stop and search practices in the UK and offers recommendations from a human rights perspective.

61. That the Home Secretary, in consultation with Police Services, should ensure that a record is made by police officers of all "stops" and "stops and searches" made under any legislative provision (not just the Police and Criminal Evidence Act). Non-statutory or so called "voluntary" stops must also be recorded. The record to include the reason for the stop, the outcome, and the self-defined ethnic identity of the person stopped. A copy of the record shall be given to the person stopped.

62. That these records should be monitored and analysed by Police Services and Police Authorities, and reviewed by HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) on inspections. The information and analysis should be published.

63. That Police Authorities be given the duty to undertake publicity campaigns to ensure that the public is aware of "stop and search" provisions and the right to receive a record in all circumstances.

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