Encourage Reporting of Racist Crimes

“Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour across London. They are making people feel safer in their homes and within their communities; closing the gap between the reality and the fear of crime. PCSOs engage with London’s communities, building bridges with the public. They are trained problem solvers, a reassuring presence and a deterrent against crime.”

Metropolitan Police

After the Macpherson report the Metropolitan Police introduced Police Community Support Officers (PSCO’s). They are a way of engaging with local communities and are a reassuring presence. This has helped build up trust of the communities and the police. This will hopefully lead to more racist crimes being reported to the police.

The Metropolitan Police created Independent Advisory Groups which consist of community representatives. These representatives meet with the police service and are able to give the community perspective on some of the local policing issues as well as give the police feedback on existing policing matters. They can vary from a specific incident which occurred within the community to local policing policies. These advisory committees facilitate to channel concerns of individuals without them having direct contact with the police.

After the Macpherson report the Metropolitan Police introduced Neighbourhood Policing in London. Such policing is done by regular police officers and community support officers that aim to handle community problems. In this context again it is hoped that racially motivated crimes are directly reported to the police.

Such measures have helped to increase the detection rate of racist crimes from 19% in 2002/2003 to 40% in 2008.

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