Cultural and Ethnic Diversity in Police Authorities

‘Having more people from diverse backgrounds has undoubtedly helped the organization gain better understanding and relationship with the different communities.’

Metropolitan Police Service


The Metropolitan police (London Police force) states on their website that they aim to have a work force which directly reflects London’s diverse population. They would like to continue to increase the number of officers from a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) background. Since the Macpherson Report was published in 1999 the Metropolitan Police have achieved three and a half times more BME officers in its workforce than they had previously. The number of police community support officers (PCSO’s) from a BME background has also increased. In 2009 30% of PCSO’s were from a BME background. There has also been attention on BME officer’s progression in the work force by undertaking initiatives such as ‘Equip to achieve’. The Metropolitan Police states on their website that this increasing diversity in the police does not just benefit itself but also the whole population of London.


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