Openness, Accountability and Restoration of Confidence

‘Since the publication of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report in 1999 the Metropolitan Police Service has undergone enormous change and made significant improvements in policing, community engagement and professional development, making us  more effective and skilled police service.’


Metropolitan Police Service

Failures by the police in cases such as the murder of Stephen Lawrence have led many black and minority ethnic communities to lose confidence in the police force. This set of recommendations was formulated to earn back trust and confidence in the police.

To access further information about each individual selected recommendation and how the British police implemented them please click on the links.

5. That principles and standards similar […] be applied to inspections of Police Services, in order to improve standards of achievement and quality of policing through regular inspection, public reporting, and informed independent advice.

11. That the full force of the Race Relations legislation should apply to all police officers and that Chief Officers of Police should be made vicariously liable for the acts and omissions of their officers relevant to that legislation. 

The Metropolitan Police have developed methods and ideas to encourage Diversity and Equality within society. They have done this by creating an equality and diversity strategy, equality objectives, equality information, community engagement and undertaking consultations. 

Since the Macpherson report the officers who are involved in tackling hate crime are now given specific training to handle Hate Crime Investigations so they are able to respond appropriately to the situation. If the Hate Crime is very dangerous each individual borough is supporting by the ‘Pro-active squad’, this squad specialises in this area. The definition of hate crime has developed also and now includes not just racial abuse but also disability abuse, elderly abuse, homophobia and transphobia, this means more people are protected under the term ‘Hate Crime.’

It is now possible for the community to take part in community impact assessments, these now important for the police when making decisions as they try to keep in line with the assessment outcome.

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