Recognising Racial Motivation

‘While much has been achieved in the past we are not complacent and recognise there is still much more to do. We owe that to the memory of Stephen Lawrence. We are committed and determined to build upon the progress made so far and will ensure that we have the right skills, attitudes and behaviours to serve all communities fairly, with dignity and respect with the vision of making London the safest major city in the world.’

The Metropolitan Police Service

An example of improvement in police conduct in an event of a racist attack is a case very similar to the Stephen Lawrence case, the murder of Anthony Walker in 2005. The police did not hesitate like they did with Stephens’s case to label it a racist attack. The murderers were found guilty that same year, only months after, again unlike the Stephen Lawrence case were his family and friends had to wait nineteen years for justice to be done.

Gee Walker (Anthony Walkers mother) said: ‘The police made mistakes then, but they learned their lessons and they’ve not made the same mistake twice.’

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