Studies on the topic of ethnic profiling

The "alliance against racial profiling" from Switzerland calls for an end to discriminatory identity checks conducted by the Swiss police, and is supported by a large number of activists, organizations, scientists and creative artists. Find out more here.

Here you can access studies and reports on ethnic profiling:


  • German Institute for Human Rights (2013): Study 'Racial Profiling – Menschenrechtswidrige Personenkontrollen nach § 22 Abs. 1 a Bundespolizeigesetz. Empfehlungen an den Gesetzgeber, Gerichte und Polizei'

Great Britain

  • Riots Communities and Victims Panel (2012): 5 Days in August -  an Interim Report on the 2011 English Riots
  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2013): Report 'Viewed with Suspicion. The Human Cost of Stop and Search in England and Wales'


  • Migrant Rights Centre Irland (2011): Singled Out - Exploratory study on ethnic profiling in Ireland and its impact on migrant workers and their families.


  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2009): Profiling Minorities  - a Study of Stop-and-Search Practices in Paris
  • Human Rights Watch (2012): Report 'The Root of Humiliation – Abusive Identity Checks in France'
  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2013): Report 'Equality Betrayed: The Impact of Ethnic Profiling in France' 


  • Amnesty International (2011): Study 'Stop Racism not People – Racial profiling and Immigration Control in Spain'
  • Institut de Drets Humans (2013): Study ,Identificación policial por perfil étnico en España. Informe sobre experiencias y actitudes en relación con las actuaciones policiales'


  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2011): Fact Sheet 'The problem of Ethnic Profiling in Europe'
  • European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (2010): Towards More Effective Policing Understanding and Preventing Discriminatory Ethnic Profiling: A Guide
  • European Network Against Racism/Open Society Justice Initiative (2009): ENAR Fact Sheet 40 – Ethnic Profiling

Publications on the issue:

  • Schicht, Günter (2013): Article 'Racial Profiling bei der Polizei in Deutschland - Bildungsbedarf? Beratungsresistenz?'. In: ZEP '13 (Ed.)
  • Open Society Justice Initiative (2009): Report 'Ethnic Profiling in the European Union: Pervasive, Ineffective, and Discriminatory'
  • Dossier on ethnic profiling in the Swiss context
  • European Network Against Racism (2011): ENAR Shadow Report 2009 - 2010. Supplemental report: Ethnic profiling in Germany
  • Amnesty International (2014): Racial/ethnic profiling - Positionspapier zu menschenrechtswidrigen Personenkontrollen
  • Amnesty International USA (2004): Publication 'Threat and humiliation. Racial profiling, domestic security and human rights in the United States'
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