Materials and networking on the subject of ethnic profiling

In February 2015 pamphlets against racial profiling were distributed in the Deutsche Bahn. It is unknown who initiated this guerrilla action.

Here you can find newspaper articles on ethnic profiling:

  • Migazin article on experiences with ethnic profiling (German)
  • Publikative article on ethnic profiling and the principle of equality (German)
  • Publikative article on ethnic profiling as institutional racism (German)
  • Publikative article on ethnic profiling as a permissible police method (German)
  • Telepolis article by Michael Plöse on racist search criteria (German)
  • DeutscheAnwaltauskunft article on an ethnic profiling case in Kassel (German)
  • An interview with Tahir Della of ISD, conducted by MiGazin (German)
  • Column by James A. Goldston, published in The Guardian: ‘Ethnic profiling tarnishes the EU’  

Here you can access articles and opinions on the judgment of the Administrative Court Coblenz:

  • Spiegel Online article: 'Reisende dürfen wegen ihrer Hautfarbe kontrolliert werden’
  • Article by Alexander Klose on Deutsche Welle: 'Fahndung nach Hautfarbe?'
  • Press release by the MRBB and KOP-Berlin: 'Racial Profiling’ von Koblenzer Gericht als rechtmäßig erklärt'
  • Press release by the campaign for the victims of racist police violence, Berlin (KOP): Rassistische Wirklichkeit: VG Koblenz erlaubt polizeiliche Personenkontrollen nach Hautfarbe
  • Press release of the administrative court Coblenz: Identitätsfeststellung eines Zugreisenden
  • Article on 'Polizeiliche Kontrolle in Zügen: Verdächtige Hautfarbe' 

Press review regarding the hearing at the Higher Administrative Court Rhineland-Palatinate:

Political developments:

  • Resolution of the Baden-Württemberg Green Party regarding the intercultural competence of the police.
  • Ethnic profiling is addressed on page seven of the Green Party’s September 2011 resolution on security policy.
  • The Left Party (Fraktion die Linke) in the Hamburg Bürgerschaft has initiated a 'campaign for fundamental rights' which deals with topics such as police and constitution protection. Here you can learn more about their work on racial profiling.
  • The Collectif Contre Le Contrôle au faciès provides a form for people that have experienced racial profiling in France. It is to be used as a documentation of the performed identity check and basis for a potential lawsuit. Moreover, the association conducts interviews about experiences with racially-motivated identity checks which can be found on Youtube. (all links only available in French)
  • The Federal Government responded to a minor interpellation by the Left Party regarding the elimination of skin colour as a ground for identity checks.
  • The Federal Government has published a reply to another minor interpellation by the Left Party on the topic of racial profiling.
  • The coalition agreements of the governing parties of the Thuringian Landtag include a legal ban on the practice of racial profiling, as well as awareness-raising measures concerning diversity in police trainings in order to prevent police conduct based on stereotypes.
  • The police education program of Schleswig Holstein includes awareness-raising and qualification of the employees with a focus on intercultural competence.

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