(1)  Administrative breaches occur when a person denies access to a pub or a restaurant, intentionally or by negligence,


No. 15: to people on grounds of disability, sexual or gender identity, religion or belief or if they are discriminated against for those reasons during their visit.

(3) Administrative breaches can be sanctioned by a fine of up to 5.000 €.

§ 12 of the Bremen Statute on restaurants and pubs.

In December 2015, Bremen was the first ‘Land’ to adopt the amendment of the Bremen Statute on Restaurants and Pubs, so that discrimination when entering a nightclub on account of (ascribed) ethic origin, disability, sexual or gender orientation, religion or ideology could be punished with a fine of up to 5.000 €. If a person is discriminated against for the same reasons while s/he is in a pub or a restaurant, that conduct can also be sanctioned.

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