Monitor and Analyse 'Stop and Search' Records

‘While our performance and disproportionally in stop and search has improved since the Report was published in 1999 we fully accept that we need to do more to redress the balance and improve community confidence in our use of these powers.’


The Metropolitan Police

The stop and search site of the Home Office looks into stop and searches conducted by the police force in the UK. There is also information available here on the reason for these stop and searches, the ethnicity of the person stopped and searched and finally the number of arrests which have come from these searches. These statistics are based on information that has been given to the home office by police forces in England and Wales since 2009/2010.

On this website there is a specific section on the Ethnicity of the person being searched, it states that if a police officer stops a person they have to define their ethnicity, this helps monitor stop and searches further. The Home Office states that under Section1 (This section allows the police to search persons and/or vehicles for items such as stolen goods, weapons, controlled drugs or suspicion that the person is involved in terrorism) of PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) a large majority of stops and searches were conducted by the MPS which has had a significant effect on the statistics for England and Wales. Not including statistics of stop and searches by the Metropolitan Police Service the majority of people being searched under section 1 in England and Wales were white (84%), followed by a much lower proportion being Asian (6%) or Black (4%). This number is very different regarding the persons stopped and search under section 1 by the metropolitan police- 43% of these people defined their ethnicity as white, 30% as black and 16 % as Asian. The Home Office has published on this website that the Metropolitan Police Service conducted 52% of their stop and searches on people from minority ethnic groups compared to a much lower percentage (13%) across all other forces. However this may be able to be explained to some extent by the high minority ethnic populations within the area of the Metropolitan Police Service area (London area). However only 9% of these stop and searches under Section 1 in 2010/11 actual resulted in an arrest. However within this percentage there is little difference between the proportions across the different ethnic groups, for example 7% defined themselves as Asian and 11% as Chinese or Other.

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