Anti Racism Training Courses

‘Within the Metropolitan Police there is a significant awareness of the Stephen Lawrence agenda, with the Recommendations quoted freely from the Crime Academy to the first aid refresher course in the local police station visited by us.’

Dr Richard Stone

In 2003 on the BBC there was a programme called ‘The Secret Policeman’. An undercover journalist began working as a policeman; he recorded police officers’ behaviour that highlighted how racist the police force was in Britain. This embarrassed the British Police force in such a way that it further tried to repair its reputation and improve its behaviour. The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) made a further 125 recommendations for the police force additional to Macpherson’s own recommendations. Subsequently national training was set up for officers.  Upon entry to the service there is now improved selection of officers with race and diversity training as recommended by the CRE. There are also revised training programmes available for trainers.

Dr Stone, who was part of the Macpherson inquiry team, watched and listened to the conduct of the officers who ran the Professionalising Investigation Programme (PIP) which offers in-service training to the Metropolitan Police. He is now confident that the incompetence that was highlighted in the Lawrence case is prevented by these kinds of courses. PIP trains officers through three levels of competence; each level has to be achieved in order to progress to the next.  According the City of London Police - Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy 2010-2012 training in equality, diversity and human rights is compulsory for all staff and police officers in the force.

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