5th Equality Directive

Under the management of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, BUG and other NGOs have made an appeal to the Federal German Government with regard to the unification of protection against discrimination in the European Union. You can find the appeal here.

BUG observes new legal and political initiatives of the EU anti-discrimination protection.

You can find information here on COM (2008) 426, the draft directive implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of religion, disability age, or sexual orientation beyond employment, the so-called Fifth Equal Treatment Directive.

Draft EU directive 2008/426

BUG has analysed which additions would have to be made to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), if the Ffith Equal Treatment Directive wer to be implemented. There are only a few. Furthermore, BUG has depicted this in a table.

At the beginning of 2015, the draft was discussed again in the European Council. The current negotiating text can be found here. The Council has also created a progress report that you can access here.

You can find details here (available only in German):

Supplements to AGG after the adoption of the 5th Equal Treatment Directive

In this analysis by Alexander Klose for the DGB federal board, the need for improvements to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) is clarified.

Legal analysis on behalf of the German Federation of Trade Unions, written by Alexander Klose.

As the federal government is categorically opposed to the negotiation and adoption of the Fifth Equal Treatment Directive, several minor interpellations have been initiated in the Bundestag:

Minor interpellation of the Green parliamentary group on 23/12/2009

and the response of the federal government on 12/1/2010

Minor interpellation of the Green parliamentary group on 25/2/2010

and the response of the federal government on 12/3/2010

Further information (only available in German):

First reading in the Bundestag on 22/4/2010

Application of the Green Parliamentary Group on 3/24/2010

Statement by Amnesty International

Opinion of the German Trade Union Federation

Election benchmarks on the 5th Equal Treatment directive

BUG has submitted election benchmarks on the Fifth Equal Treatment Directive to the federal political parties. The answers received so far can be found here (German).

Here you can access a press review concerning the 5th Equal Treatment Directive prepared by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency.


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