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Are you a lawyer with experience with the AGG?

BUG is looking for lawyers that have already successfully used the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and could imagine co-operating with us as an NGO. We would furthermore be happy to get in touch with lawyers that would like to gain experience in using the AGG. Please contact Vera Egenberger.

Internships at BUG

In this information sheet we further explain the expectations and general conditions for an internship in our office.

BUG offers full- and part-time internships (starting in November 2017 at the earliest) to persons who have an interest in the topic of equality and particularly the legal implementation of equality under the General Equal Treatment Act. An education in law is not required. Skills concerning website administration and social media are not demanded but advantageous.

Students from abroad are welcome as interns as well. German language skills at level B2 are required.

At the moment, we are particularly looking for people who are proficient enough in English and German to translate complex texts like dossiers or legal documents for our website.

Please send inquiries to: 

Jobs at BUG

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