Counselling offices

Anti-discrimination agencies

National advice centres

The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency

Baden-Wurttemberg - anti-discrimination network in Baden-Wuerttemberg


Munich: anti-discrimination agency for people with migration background

Berlin and Brandenburg

State Office for Equal Treatment - Against Discrimination, the Berlin Senate for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs

Anti-Discrimination Unit in the Office of the Commissioner for Integration of Brandenburg

Anti-discrimination network Berlin, Turkish Association of Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB)

Federal anti-discrimination and education in the Federal Republic of Germany eV (BDB)

Anti-discrimination Office Berlin e.V.

Opferperspektive e.V.
Anti-discrimination counselling
Outreach counselling for victims of racial discrimination in the State of Brandenburg
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 164, 14482 Potsdam
Telephone 0331 8170000
Telefax 0331 8170001


Anti-discrimination in employment and working life (DGB / VHS) e.V.


City of Frankfurt am Main: Anti-Discrimination Unit in the Office of Multicultural Affairs (AmkA)

Lower Saxony

Hanover: Anti-Discrimination Unit in the Department of Integration and Agenda 21

Anti-Discrimination Office of IBIS (Intercultural Center for Research, documentation, training and consulting eV)

North Rhine-Westphalia

Anti-Racism Information Center, ARIC NRW e.V.

Anti-discrimination Office Cologne eV / Public Against Violence

Equality office in Aachen(Paedagogisches Zentrum e.V.)

Anti-discrimination Office Saxony

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