Amending the AGG

Amendments to the AGG

Here you can find all German documents concerning the AGG amendment in one file. 

Why is it necessary to strengthen the Equal Treatment Act?

Germany transposed the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) in 2006. While it has largely implemented the EU directives on equal treatment, there are still issues to be covered. Experience with anti-discrimination complaints and their judicial interpretation shows that the status quo of the law is not acceptable.

Therefore BUG has put together a comprehensive list of aspects for the General Equal Treatment Act that should be amended. This includes, amongst other things, the introduction of NGO legal standing, the strengthening of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS) and the granting of legal protection from structural discrimination.

Documents on how the AGG should be amended

Here you can find the document on how to amend the AGG which contains a wide range of innovative proposals for modification.

In a synoptic table we have inserted the existing text of the AGG and incorporated the proposed changes.

In addition, BUG proposes a proposal for a federal anti-discrimination law to ensure protection against discrimination from governmental actors.

All papers are accessible in one document here

The honorary director of BUG, Vera Egenberger, has also written a paper discussing amendments to the AGG for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

All documents are available in German only.

Further steps

In collaboration with other organisations BUG will prospectively work on an amendment to the General Equal Treatment Act. If your organisation would like to participate in this undertaking, we kindly ask you to contact us.

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