3rd Instance

Positive verdict in 3rd instance

BUG has also assisted the plaintiff, who was dismissed on the basis of his HIV infection, in the court of third instance. The trial took place on 19.12.2013. Click herehttp://www.bug-ev.org/fileadmin/user_upload/BAG_Urteil_anonym.pdf to read the judgment.

After the Labour Court and Regional Labour Court of Berlin had rejected the complaint, an appeal was filed with the Federal Labour Court of Erfurt. The hearing took place on 19.12.2013.

BUG has submitted legal opinions (see here and here).

Moreover the German Institute for Human Rights has provided an Amicus curiae.

Amicus curiae literally means friend of the court. This refers to a person or an organisation that is involved in a court procedure without being a plaintiff.

Click here to read BUG's press release about the trial. (only available in German)

Moreover, BUG has compiled a press review.

Here you can find the positive and precedent-setting verdict.

To view BUG's press release on the final verdict at the Labour Court of Berlin (6th of June 2014), click here. (only available in German)

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